There is no God : I met him


Among most of theologies, the idea of meeting the divinity could appear scandalous. Gregoire Palamas, an orthodox monk of the 14° century who wanted to defend the mystical practice of the hesychasm, solved this problem with advancing that it was not the experiment of God that we could live, but the experiment of its energies.



I think that we could say in a same way, but from the man 's perspective, that this is not the experiment of God which is lived, but that one of the feeling of God.

The question of knowing where was God, during the extermination of Jews, forced itself upon Elie Wiesel. This question, each one confronted with an " inhuman " misfortune might ask it.



The answer is very simple : nowhere else than in the heart of the man who accepts him.

The salutary religious innovation for the XXI° century could be to look for God nowhere else than inside us.


But, will you say, this innovation could better be to look no more for God.

That will not arrive, and this for two reasons:


Natural reason :

This is that man has as a characteristic to progress with having an idea of the following day. In other words, he has no alternative but to have an idea of the destiny. And the religion is about it the most effective proposal.

Philosophical reason :

Man is not installed over the world, above this one, but is a part dependent of it : he is the man knot. Inside him is a wire which links himself to the image of the world. This link needs to be lived : the religion, like art, can be the key of this relationship with the world, the sesame which can express or live it. If man gives himself an idea of the destiny, he also inherits (mind the big expression) a cosmic conscience (nothing less ! ) which is not his fact.

The man-knot carries in himself the image of the world.





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