How to infallibly become a true mystic


By having only one object in our mind

By disappropriating ourselves

By developing interiority



If only one of these dimensions is suddenly missing,

the work will be incomplete.


Monotropism of the thought



This is when one always directs his thoughts towards only one aim, as suitor does towards his beloved in the romantic ideal. The mystic should continuously tend only towards one aim.

The disappropriation



It is to recognize continuously that we do not belong ourselves. It enable our intellect to become more malleable than if we pretend owning it.




This has been the more forsaken aspect of the work in our Western culture, for the last 15 centuries. It consists in developing, parallelly to the usual exercise of our intelligence, the cutting edge of an attention turned towards the mechanism of the thoughts itself workink. We have to acquire an increasingly acute conscience, more and more precise, about thoughts while they are emerging.



These three actions are the very simple conditions which will allow the emergence of this will - which cannot be of our own's - and which should be opposed to the free dispersing imagination, which is necessary to force.



Let's take the example of a Christian mystic

His spirit always springs up towards God, whatever the activities he leads at the same time : monotropism of the thought!

He practises humility - recognizes himself mothing in front of God's Mercy, of which one he wants to make himself a coat - as well as charity, for at least each one become more significant than himself : desapropriation!

He is continuously conscious of its sin, because he clearly sees in him the thoughts which occur, and which all try to bring back him to his small egocentric person : interiority!



This mystic, obsessed by God, and conscious of each one of his thoughts, knows the stage of the continual prayer. It is a state which is granted to him and that all his efforts tend to not oppose. Even if he believes to wish only this one, this state is absolutely not reproducible, because it relates to the globality of the person : heart, being, force (Dt 6-4): one speaks about Unification. This disposition is described by the traditions in gnostic terms like being definitively at last. The other traditions affirm that it is an endless fight. Mystical work consists in trying to meet the conditions favourable with the development of this stage, by supporting the three dimensions evocated above.

This canvas of three criteria give the possibility to judge the possible gap or weakness which would present a mystical teaching.

Thus contemporary Latin Christian monachism, which does not work sufficiently any more interiority etc





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