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Gurdjieff described ambition to his institute: to help anyone to become a Christian which, because of our habits, seems quite impossible. (" Gurdjieff parle à ses élèves ", G.I Gurdjieff, editions du rocher, 1985, p201). He recommended the "self- reminder " as technique of work : a kind of self- conscience at each moment, from all the components of our person. Unfortunately, the references to his spiritual exercises, are extremely parsimonious in the books which are devoted to him, and unexistent inside those which he wrote unfortunately himself, smothered in an admixture of the most outrageaous doctrines.

...And doctrines

The thirst for doctrines from the light's researchers throw me into a great astonishment. Why asking a saint how is the world ? It would suppose he has the ability of a total science, which would be very practical if checked. Thus, lately, some journalists questioned the Dalai Lama on the start of the universe of the universe according to the Tibetan religion ?! We do not see well what Tibetan cosmogony could bring to the astrophysicists work since no one anyway has the same need to ask about that question.





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