Concentrate of bibliography


This list aims primarily the topic of the mystical techniques. No theology or metaphysic : we search the practice !

I am french, and tried to find american titles : let's be indulgent with me.

"Lost Christianity : A Journey of Rediscovery to the Centre of Christian Experience", Jacob Needleman, Element Books, november 1990.

Questionnement about esotericism and mystical work within Christianity. Written like a novel.

" Writings from the Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart", by E. Kadloubovsky, G.E.H. Palmer (Translator), paperback Reprint edition (July 1992) Faber & Faber;

Hesychast tradition. The essential and necessary for every christian.

" The Philokalia : The Complete Text ",vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, Faber & Faber

The same thing, but complete.

" The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia (Judaica : Hermeneutics, Mysticism and Religion) ", Moshe Idel, out of print

A technique of prayer in the cabal.

" Yoga and the Hindu Tradition", by Jean Varenne, University of Chicago Press, (October 1977)

Yoga according to the tradition.

" Mystical Writings of Saint Isaac the Syrian ", Isaac the Syrian, out of print

The guide for an hesychast monastic life practice. Never equaled. We can notice that the author was nestorian.

" Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism" by Gershom Scholem, , Reissue edition (May 1995)
Schocken Books

Gershom Scholem was the first historian of the cabal. A brilliant ability to synthesize... and clearly.

" Studies in Zen ", Daisetz T Suzuki, out of print

The most luminous work about Zen. Brilliant common sense and immense culture.

" The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way : A New Translation", by Helen Bacovcin (Translator), reprint edition (February 10, 1978)
Image Books

For those who want to find why the terms " prayer of the heart" are applied.