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 You recognize me?

Your obedient servant

Eh yes, it is me (it is my best photograph).


Particular details

French, born in 1962. Interested first by the experiment hesychast and the tradition of the cabal (but also by all other currents of the mystic). Very short-sighted. Tendency to nonchalance. Unfortunately gave up any desire of spiritual progress, because it only needs... to all give...


All !

My personal tastes in disorder:


Paul Evdokimov, Elie Wiesel...


J.L.Borges, Philip K Dick, Andre Hardellet, Dostoïevski, the Strougatski brothers, James Ellroy, Pierre-Jakez Hélias, Gabriel Garcia Mârquez, Bernard Werber, Louis Pauwels, Roger Blondel, Theodore Sturgeon, Paulo Coelho, Proust...


Tarkovski, Bergman, Pasoloni, Fellini, Tarantino, most of Jean-Luc Godard movies, Claude Lelouch, Clint Eastwood, " The ground " of Alexandre Dovjenko...


Brassens, Brel, Arvo Pärt, J.S.Bach, Klaus Schulze, Can, Klaus Wiese, Kraftwerk, the Faust group, Cluster, Brian Eno, Peter Michael Hamel, Dead Edge Dance, Popol Vuh, Art of Noise, Deuter, Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman, The Doors, Deep Purple, Chrome, Asmus Tietchens, P.I.L, Front 242, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, N.I.N, Prodigy, The Chemicals Brothers,Yello, Prince, Portishead, Einstürzende Neubauten, the Cure, Cabaret Voltaire, Tuxedomoon, Minimal Compact, Die Form, Fred Frith, the Neon Judgement, Psychic TV, Scanner and all industrial music...


Frank Miller, Didier Comès, Munoz and Sampayo, Allan Moore, Breccia, Boucq, Moebius...

... Are all those who I love, and who educated me



Whom belongs this motorcycle ?

Who helped me kindly in translating some of these pages.

Married, with one blond child with blue eyes, Emilie, born in 1993.

Has lived 15 years in U.S.A.

Breaks her wrist easily while ice skating.


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