What is the noise of God ?

The being is an attribute of God alone, that he alone can dispense.

God is being, as he revealed to Moïse on the Sinai : "YHWH " i.e. the verb "to be" (according to all its possibles). The saint is that one who drinks the being that God shares. This being does not belong to the man, who is deprived of it, but belongs to God alone. God distributes neither his energy, nor his conscience, he only dispenses being. The energy in which believes to take part the saint, as claimed Gregoire Palamas in his time to defend the hesychasm, is not that one of God but the saint's one, and the consciousness of the saint who dilates is his own too. Here are the fruits from being. What he has tasted is a piece of being, a little of this immaterial bread which in the same time satisfy without never filling.

The being is an attribute of God alone, that he alone can dispense. The being does not belong to this world. The use of the verb "to be" that we do constantly in language (" I am this... You are...") lets us believe that the being belong to man's realm. It is not true. In the space left among three sentences only by the writer of talent, being is there which fertilizes a whole imaginary world. The being is in the silence between the chords, which allows the music. The being is in the vacuum which gives all the things their soul. The being is the breath which will always be lacking to the creatures in order to complete themselves.

The being does not belong to this world. No society, even religious, could cultivate this fruit. In this sense, any society is diabolic. It is diabolic or in a hypocritical way, like the integrist societies, or in a declared way, like our contemporary occidental society.

We spend all our time filling and filling our lives, without being satisfied, and we do not understand what lacks to us. The being is in the nothingness essential. The being cannot be knowed, but it makes the knowing possible like the light.
The mystic does not try anymore to fill, his movement is that one of clearing out.
The mystic cuts off.





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